MBK Activities in the Bronx

Learn more about My Brother’s Keeper activities and events in and around the Bronx, and how you can get involved and stay informed.

  • MBK Bronx

    At the My Brother’s Keeper Family, Youth Event in the Bronx, Councilman Andy King attended and congratulated honorees.

    Photo: Councilman Andy King’s office

  • MBK Bronx

    NYSED hosted a My Brother’s Keeper Community Network panel sponsored by Assembly Members Michael Blake and Rodneyse Bichotte, with Regent Young and representatives from Ithaca, Lyons, Buffalo, the Bronx, and Yonkers school districts.

  • Mc Fadden
  • Bronx Borough Deputy President,
    Marricka Schott-McFadden

    Speaking at the Bronx MBK Family and Youth Event, Marricka Schott-McFadden, Bronx Borough Deputy President, shares the latest news and support services for boys and young men of color. Parents, grandparents and youth leaders attended the celebration.


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