The NYC Men Teach initiative was created to inspire more men of color to become teachers in New York City through engagement and recruitment efforts.  NYC Men Teach is the nation’s boldest effort to diversify the teaching pipeline by recruiting and retaining 1,000 additional men of color to teach in NYC schools, where currently less than 8% of the teachers are men of color (less than 2% nationally). A collaboration with NYC Department of Education, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Young Men’s Initiative, and the City University of New York, the NYC Men Teach program seeks to impact people, practice, and policy around diversity in our schools and classrooms. In addition to recruiting additional men of color and the differing perspectives they bring to our students and staff, NYC Men Teach builds individual leadership capacity, and promotes educator effectiveness through professional development, personal growth, and a village of support to help male educators of color thrive and stay in the profession.

Equipped with the tools of Restorative Practices, our educators prevent conflicts before they arise, better manage incidents in the moment, and restore the culture of their classrooms more quickly after altercations. Students are encouraged to see themselves as active members of their school communities, taking ownership of their own school cultures and leadership roles to encourage a more positive, inclusive, and welcoming environment for their peers. Restorative Practices have been scientifically proven to reduce suspension rates, increase school attendance, and reduce disproportionality for our marginalized populations.