MSK History - Standing on the Shoulders of Greatness

Special Thanks

NYC DOE Executive Leadership 

Meisha Porter, Chancellor of New York City Department of Education
Donald Conyers, First Deputy Chancellor of New York City Department of Education

NYC Executive Leadership Honorees

Karin Goldmark, Deputy Chancellor of School Planning and Development
LaShawn Robinson, Deputy Chancellor of School Climate and Wellness
Adrienne Austin, Deputy Chancellor of Community Empowerment, Partnerships, and Communications
Dr. Linda Chen, Chief Academic Officer
Debra Maldonado, Esq. Senior Executive Director of Partnerships, Communications and Community Empowerment

My Sister’s Keeper (MSK) Citywide Core Leadership Team 

Dr. Nyree Dawn Dixon, MSK Co-Director and Executive Director, Edustat
Dr. Debra Lamb, MSK Co-Director, Senior Director Student Support Services and Community Partnerships
Roshone Ault Lee, MSK Core Team Lead, Founder & Principal
Danielle Keane, MSK Core Team Lead, Principal
Leslie Ann Dunn, MSK Core Team Lead, Executive Director Strategic Initiatives
Kim Adams, MSK Core Team Lead, MBK & MSK Central Communications
Latoya Garcia, MSK Core Team Lead, Assistant Principal
MSK Borough Leads, City Wide Leads, and MSK/ MBK and MBSK Supporters
NYCDOE Superintendents, Deputy Superintendents, and Staff

NYS Executive Leadership 

Dr. Betty A. Rosa, NYS Commissioner of Education (Honoree)
Dr. Lester Young Jr., Chancellor, Member at Large NYS Board of Regents

NYC My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Leadership 

George Patterson, My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Senior Director
Dr. Mahaliel Bethea, My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Director
Kevin Dantzler Esq., Director, Student Support Services and Community Partnerships and My Brother’s Keeper Senior Advisor
Andrea Ferguson, Sr. Director, Title I/Family and Community Engagement and My Brother’s Keeper Senior Advisor
Kim Adams, Director, MBK & MSK Central Communications

NYC Executive Superintendent Honorees 

Mabel Muñiz-Sarduy, Queens North
Barbara Freeman, Brooklyn South & Staten Island
Marisol Rosales, Manhattan
Dr. Mauricière de Govia, Queens South
Karen Watts, Brooklyn North
Dr. Erika Tobia, Bronx

Honorees – Former NYC Leadership

Cheryl Watson Harris, DeKalb County School Superintendent, Former First Deputy Chancellor, NYC
Vincenza Gallassio, Former Superintendent and MSK Core Member, District 31
Shelley Greene, Former Leadership Member, and MSK Core Member, District 31

Youth Awardees 

Marliza Campell- Dorsey
Amanda Quinones
Maimouna Sissoko
Pamela Reyes
Angelina Clemmons
Elizabeth Waters
Silmee Mia

NYC Great / MSK

Katherine Marando

Student Performers 

Bing Qian Tang
Yamilet Lozano
Makayla Davis
Meagan Daughtry
Jaylah Watkins