Artificial Intelligence. Life-saving medical devices. Clean water for all. And all the apps and personal devices we love to use. What do these have in common? They are some of the 2+ million STEM jobs available all over the world. But employers are struggling to fill jobs that require skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (that’s what STEM stands for. Add art and it becomes STEAM.) Why is this so important for today’s students? Lots of reasons: STEM jobs pay twice the median hourly wage. They offer job security and growth. They develop curiosity, creativity, and innovation.

No wonder STEM continues to evolve in education! It’s an exciting, hands-on approach for students to use STEM skills to make connections and solve problems that relate to their lives. And those 2 million jobs all over the world? Now we have skilled, critical-thinking young adults to fill them and forge the world’s future.