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Dr. Erika Tobia
Executive Superintendent of the Bronx


Changing the Narrative in the South Bronx
Under the Leadership of Superintendent Rafael Alvarez and Deputy Superintendent Dr. Nyree Dawn Dixon, Timothy Coleman, Family Coordinator for District 7 works with Parent Leaders to ensure that they are trained, supported and encouraged to lead the workshops that are provided at the District office.
Through CBO partnerships, Timothy ensured that District 7 parents were at the forefront of ownership of their new community garden through a series of horticulture classes. Parents selected the herbs and vegetables that were to be planted, they were taught how to care for the garden, and then led cooking classes for one another at the District office.


Bronx GEMs (Girls Empowerment Movement)
District 7 created and hosted a GEM Tea Party 2019 as a culminating event for their GEM program in June. Featured music produced and written by students at MS 296 titled “MS 296 Journey”

Bronx Spotlight
At the My Brother's Keeper Family, Youth Event in the Bronx, Councilman Andy King attended and congratulated honorees.

Photo: Councilman Andy King's office

Guides MBK Planning in NYC
"We have to reach out and help every one of our young people to have the opportunity they need to be successful," said NYS Regent Dr. Lester Young, Bronx Week Keynote Speaker, 2018. "Our children need champions... they need a hero in their life... every youngster needs an advocate."

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Bronx MBK Activities

  • Bronx Week celebrates Bronx

  • Bronx Deputy Mayor Marricka Scott-McFadden welcomes all to Bronx Week

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  • NYC MBK Fellows in Action

    NYC MBK Fellows 2018-2019 are high school students selected to represent their borough.

    NYC MBK Fellows attend training, conferences and have mentorship opportunities. They demonstrate leadership skills and engage with their communities through their service projects they craft to better their community.

“We need to give every child, no matter what they look like, where they live, the chance to reach their full potential. Because if we do — if we help these wonderful young men become better husbands and fathers, and well-educated, hardworking, good citizens — then not only will they contribute to the growth and prosperity of this country, but they will pass on those lessons on to their children, on to their grandchildren, will start a different cycle. And this country will be richer and stronger for it for generations to come. So let’s get going.”

Barack Obama 2014

NYC MBK Bronx Leadership


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