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Dr. Danika Rux
Executive Superintendent of Manhattan

Manhattan Spotlight

Paul Forbes, NYC DOE Executive Director of Educational Equity and Anti- Bias (retired) frames the conversation around Equity.

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Manhattan MBK Activities

  • Manhattan Convening 2018

  • Paul Forbes, Executive Director of Educational Equity, Anti- Bias and Diversity (retired)

  • Opportunity & Achievement

  • Manhattan Convening Dr. Lester Young

  • NYC MBK Fellows in Action

    NYC MBK Fellows 2018-2019 are high school students selected to represent their borough.

    NYC MBK Fellows attend training, conferences and have mentorship opportunities. They demonstrate leadership skills and engage with their communities through their service projects they craft to better their community.

“And I know you can meet the challenge — many of you already are — if you make the effort. It may be hard, but you will have to reject the cynicism that says the circumstances of your birth or society’s lingering injustices necessarily define you and your future. It will take courage, but you will have to tune out the naysayers who say the deck is stacked against you, you might as well just give up — or settle into the stereotype.

It’s not going to happen overnight, but you’re going to have to set goals and you’re going to have to work for those goals. Nothing will be given to you. The world is tough out there, there’s a lot of competition for jobs and college positions, and everybody has to work hard. But I know you guys can succeed.”

Barack Obama 2014

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