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Barbara Freeman
Executive Superintendent of Staten Island

Staten Island Spotlight

Keynote Speaker Dr. Anael Alston, NYSED Assistant Commissioner - Office of Access, Equity, and Community Engagement

Staten Island Spotlight

Dr. Lester Young, NYS Regent discusses MBK programming in Staten Island.

MBK Staten Island Pin Ceremony

Student MBK Leaders pin their Mentors.

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Staten Island MBK Activities

  • 2018 Staten Island Convening

  • Hear from the Youth Panel

  • Highlights from the Keynote speakers

  • What does the research tell us?


    NYC MBK Staten Island Fellows Leading Their Service Projects


    NYC MBK Fellows 2018-2019 are high school students selected to represent their borough.

    NYC MBK Fellows attend training, conferences and have mentorship opportunities. They demonstrate leadership skills and engage with their communities through their service projects they craft to better their community.

“We’re dealing with complicated issues that run deep in our history, run deep in our society, and are entrenched in our minds. And addressing these issues will have to be a two-way bargain. Because no matter how much the community chips in, it’s ultimately going to be up to these young men and all the young men who are out there to step up and seize responsibility for their own lives.”

Barack Obama 2014

NYC MBK Staten Island Leadership


Staten Island News and Events