The Algebra for All Initiative, one of the eight Equity and Excellence initiatives that were launched in 2015-16, spans grades 5-10 and is designed to improve student readiness for Algebra 1 and high school math instruction. Research has established that students who successfully pass Algebra and graduate from college, and the Algebra for All Initiative will support teachers to be successful in teaching coursework that is essential for algebra success.

What is the goal?
Every high school student will have access to advanced placement (AP) courses. New AP courses and preparatory courses started in 2016. Seventy-five percent of students offered at least five AP classes by fall 2018. By fall 2021, students at all high schools will have access to a full slate of at least five AP classes, thereby increasing college and career readiness for all students.

Who have we reached?
One hundred fifty-two high schools are offering new AP courses, including 60 that offered no AP courses before the initiative.

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